Grant or Sponsorships: Guidance to Applicants

Pharmacosmos is committed to improving lives for people living with iron deficiency. To this purpose we support a variety of activities that enhance patient care and advance medical knowledge related to iron deficiency. 

Our support includes the provision of support for activities such as: 

  • Projects that improve patient care for those with iron deficiency
  • Initiatives which benefit the NHS whilst maintaining patient care for those with iron deficiency
  • Grants and donations to Healthcare Organisations working in therapy areas where patients may commonly experience iron deficiency
  • Educational grants to enable individual HCPs to attend independent medical conferences and study days, relevant to therapy areas in which iron deficiency is a health challenge
  • Research grants for projects furthering knowledge and understanding of iron metabolism and iron deficiency across multiple therapy areas

If you wish to submit a request for funding, please carefully follow the guidance below.

How to apply

Applications must include the following information to be considered: 

  • submitted in writing on letter headed paper of the requesting institute / organisation
  • submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the initiative / activity taking place
  • include all relevant key information about the proposed activity / initiative
  • provide a breakdown of the total cost for the initiative / activity
  • specify the amount of funding being requested from Pharmacosmos
  • stipulate how will this support will benefit patient care and / or the NHS 

Applications must not include any suggestion that successful sponsorship would result in increased prescribing of, or advocacy for, Pharmacosmos products. Any decision regarding funding of sponsorships are not, and cannot be, motivated by commercial considerations. 

When you have prepared your application in accordance with the requirement outlined above, please submit your request to: using the email subject title “Sponsorship Request”. 

Reviewing your application

We will always contact you to inform you as to whether we are able to support your application or not. If your application complies with our requirements and we are able to support your application, we will inform you what needs to take place in order to proceed further. 

Applicants are informed that:

  • Each application request will be assessed on its merits and we will prioritise those requests which are aligned to our therapeutic areas of interest with a focus on supporting medical advancement in improving the lives of patients and ongoing medical and scientific research and education. 
  • We can unfortunately not support all application requests, as we may already be committed to supporting other meetings and activities with educational, scientific, or clinical benefit related to improving care for people with iron deficiency. We therefore reserve the right to decline any request for sponsorship at any time.

Whenever we support applicants with sponsorship funding, we do not wish to receive anything in return. The funding is not offered as an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy, or sell any Pharmacosmos medicines.


You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss a sponsorship or grant application ahead of submitting this to us. Please e-mail to with your contact information and availabilty, and we will endeavor to contact you at your preferred timing.


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